• Health Insurance: Consumer Resources

    Health Insurance: Consumer Resources

    CHIR develops consumer-friendly fact sheets, resource guides, and online materials to help consumers, navigators, application counselors and others understand health insurance and the health insurance marketplaces.

    Consumer Resources
  • Implementing The ACA

    Implementing The ACA

    CHIR's "Implementing the ACA: Monitoring and Analysis of Insurance Reforms” project, supported by the Commonwealth Fund, monitors and analyzes state action to develop health insurance marketplaces, implement the new market reforms, and maintain a level playing field between health insurance markets.

    ACA Project
  • Rapid Response Project

    Rapid Response Project

    With generous support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, CHIR maintains the “Rapid Response” project, an ongoing series of timely issue briefs, blog posts and other analyses to address emerging issues in the implementation of the private health insurance reforms required by the ACA.

    Rapid Response
  • Expert Services

    Expert Services

    CHIR’s expert faculty, comprised of former federal and state health insurance regulators, congressional staff, and health insurance experts, provides ongoing technical assistance to state and federal policymakers and other health care stakeholders.

    Expert Services


In The News

  • A close up of a hand handing over an insurance card to a doctor.
    Some 'Cheaper' Health Plans Have Surprising Costs (NPR)
    March 7, 2019

    One health plan from a well-known insurer promises lower premiums — but warns that consumers may need to file their own claims and negotiate over charges from hospitals and doctors. Another does away with annual deductibles — but requires policyholders to pay extra if they need certain surgeries and procedures.

  • Worried and exhausted businessman talking on the phone with hand over his face.
    How to Choose the Best Healthcare Plan in 5 Easy Steps (Men's Health)
    March 4, 2019

    Understatement alert: The health insurance marketplace can be extremely confusing to navigate, and calling your dad around open enrollment time to help you narrow down your choices doesn't always help. He can tell you what he thinks is best, but when it comes to insurance, the best plan is the one that meets your unique financial, lifestyle, health, and family needs.

  • Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley, right, and ranking member Sen. Ron Wyden confer before a Senate Finance Committee hearing Feb. 26.
    Why Prescription Drug List Prices Matter (Modern Healthcare)
    March 2, 2019

    Questioning drug company CEOs last week, Sens. Charles Grassley and Ron Wyden hammered away at the importance of high list prices for prescription drugs, while the CEOs testifying before the Senate Finance Committee mostly tried to change the subject.

  • A close up of a hand cupping a bubble in which is a photo of a stethoscope.
    Buyer Beware: Short-Term Health Insurance Policies Pose Risks for Consumers (Insider Louisville)
    February 25, 2019

    Aggressive sales and marketing of short-term limited duration insurance plans has created a buyer-beware situation for consumers, according to an assessment by researchers at the Georgetown University Center on Health Insurance Reforms.