• Health Insurance: Consumer Resources

    Health Insurance: Consumer Resources

    CHIR develops consumer-friendly fact sheets, resource guides, and online materials to help consumers, navigators, application counselors and others understand health insurance and the health insurance marketplaces.

    Consumer Resources
  • Implementing The ACA

    Implementing The ACA

    CHIR's "Implementing the ACA: Monitoring and Analysis of Insurance Reforms” project, supported by the Commonwealth Fund, monitors and analyzes state action to develop health insurance marketplaces, implement the new market reforms, and maintain a level playing field between health insurance markets.

    ACA Project
  • Rapid Response Project

    Rapid Response Project

    With generous support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, CHIR maintains the “Rapid Response” project, an ongoing series of timely issue briefs, blog posts and other analyses to address emerging issues in the implementation of the private health insurance reforms required by the ACA.

    Rapid Response
  • Expert Services

    Expert Services

    CHIR’s expert faculty, comprised of former federal and state health insurance regulators, congressional staff, and health insurance experts, provides ongoing technical assistance to state and federal policymakers and other health care stakeholders.

    Expert Services


In The News

  • A close of of a woman holding her late husband's portrait alongside hospital bills of over $300,000
    Health Insurance on Demand? Some Are Betting on It (AP)
    December 17, 2018

    People with health insurance often pay for coverage they never use. A startup wants to shake that up. It’s a radical idea: On-demand insurance that lets customers buy some of their coverage only if and when they need it, similar to how TV viewers might rent a new release from Amazon instead of paying every month for a pricey cable package they rarely use.

  • Homepage of healthcare.gov
    Deadline for Enrolling in the Affordable Care Act's Marketplaces is Fast Approaching (ABC News)
    December 10, 2018

    The woman arrived at the University of South Florida’s navigator office in Tampa a few weeks ago with a 40-page document describing a short-term health insurance plan she was considering. She was uncomfortable with what the broker had said about the coverage, she told Jodi Ray, a health insurance navigator who helps people enroll in coverage, and she wanted help understanding it.

  • Cartoon of plants with the medical cross on it sprouting from dry, cracked, earth.
    In Health Insurance Wastelands, Rosier Options Crop Up For 2019 (Kaiser Health News)
    November 23, 2018

    In recent years, places such as Memphis and Phoenix had withered into health insurance wastelands as insurers fled and premiums skyrocketed in the insurance marketplaces set up by the Affordable Care Act. But today, as in many parts of the country, these two cities are experiencing something unprecedented: Premiums are sinking and choices are sprouting.

  • Homepage of healthcare.gov
    During Obamacare Enrollment in the Trump Era, States Face Greater Challenges (Governing)
    November 16, 2018

    With less federal funding for outreach and advertising, and no more tax penalty for being uninsured, it's harder to convince people to sign up for health care.