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Faculty of the Center on Health Insurance Reforms (CHIR) conduct in-depth research and analysis of the laws, regulation, policies and market practices affecting the affordability, adequacy and availability of health insurance coverage.

Senior Faculty:

Sabrina Corlette, J.D.

Senior Research Fellow
sc732@georgetown.edu | Faculty Profile
(202) 687-3003

David Cusano, J.D.

Senior Research Fellow
dc1025@georgetown.edu | Faculty Profile
(202) 687-4940

Kevin Lucia, J.D., M.H.P.

Senior Research Fellow
kwl@georgetown.edu | Faculty Profile
(202) 687-4928

Sally McCarty, M.A.

Senior Research Fellow
sbm63@georgetown.edu | Faculty Profile
(202) 557 -8344

JoAnn Volk, M.A.

Senior Research Fellow
jcv28@georgetown.edu | Faculty Profile
(202) 687-3944

Faculty and Staff

Sandy H. Ahn, J.D. 

Research Fellow
shh27@georgetown.edu | Faculty Profile
(202) 687-3128

Kayla Connor, J.D. 

Research Associate
kayla.connor@georgetown.edu | Faculty Profile
(202) 687-4653

Sarah Dash, M.P.H.

Research Fellow
sd850@georgetown.edu | Faculty Profile
(202) 687-1405

Max Farris, J.D.

Research Fellow
mcf34@georgetown.edu | Faculty Profile
(202) 687-4576

Justin Giovannelli, J.D., M.P.P.

Research Fellow
jmg298@georgetown.edu | Faculty Profile
(202) 687-4954

Ashley Williams, J.D.

Research Associate
apw28@georgetown.edu | Faculty Profile
(202) 687-4275